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Terms and Conditions:

1.goYogaShala is a facilitator for connecting our user who is a yoga student/enthusiast with yoga trainers.

2.goYogaShala does not give any assurance that leads would translate to business.However,it is the endeavor of goYogaShale to facilitate conversion of leads to business.In case the leads fail to translate into business, goYogaShala shall not be held responsible and the yoga tainer has no right to seek any damages or compersatim whatsoever.

3.Once the yoga trainer receives a booking through our platform the yoga trainer is liable to provide a yoga class as per the booked package at the scheduled time.

4.If the yoga trainer wishes to cancel a booking the yoga trainer should do so 24 hrs prior to the scheduled class time, the yoga trainer is not entitled to any class fee and in addition the yoga trainer may be charged a penalty which is equivalent to 50% of the class fee.

5.The yoga trainer's code of conduct as a yoga teacher is of quintessence and we expect the yoga trainer to maintain these in all his/her dealings with the goyogashala user during and outside the class. Any complaints or negative feedback can attract cancellation and other action to ensure such incidents or situations are not created for goyogashala users.

6.In addition to the annual registration amount, a service charge equal to 10% of the total amount paid by goyogashala users afthe time of booking package/class through the platform, will be payable to goYogaShala

7.goYogaShal solely reserves the right to amend service charges with prior intimation to registered yoga teachers.

8.Service tax and other taxes will be levied as and when applicable.

9.The total amount accrued through bookings against each yoga teacher's accountwill be directly debited into the yoga teacher's bank account on the 5th day of every month or the closest working day after. An email with the break-up of the payment will be sent to the yoga teachers' email account as furnished above.

10.The yoga trainers are prohibited from dealing and booking classes' offline with goyogashal user(s). This will lead to termination of this registration and permanent deletion of the yoga teacher's profile